Server Rules

Server Rules

Welcome to PotatoSMP! To ensure a fun, fair, and friendly gaming environment for all players, we've established a set of rules and guidelines.
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our server rules.
Adhering to these rules will help create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Dealing with Disrespectful Players

If you come across players displaying disrespectful behavior, we encourage you to report them to a staff member.
We're here to maintain a positive gaming environment.

Seeking Clarification on Rules

If you're unsure whether something complies with our rules, don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member for guidance.
We're here to assist and ensure your experience is enjoyable and rule-compliant.

Freedom to Grief Outside Claimed Land!

We grant players the freedom to engage in griefing activities outside of any claimed land. To protect your base from potential griefing, consider these guidelines: 

  1. Secure Your Territory: Utilize a golden shovel and acquire enough claim blocks to establish and fortify your land. 
  2. Keep Your Belongings Safe: Ensure that your structures and storage containers are located within your claimed land to shield them from any potential disturbances.
  3. Wild Lands Warning: Please be aware that structures positioned outside of claimed land boundaries may be susceptible to griefing.

Additional Server Rules

  1. Appropriate Names and Skins: All players must use usernames and skins that are respectful and non-offensive.
  2. Respect for Pets and Mobs: Do not harm pets, animals, or any name-tagged mobs owned by other players.
  3. No Hacking or Cheating: Using hacks or cheats to gain unfair advantages beyond regular gameplay is strictly prohibited.
  4. Responsible Farming: Avoid creating farms intended to disrupt or negatively impact the server's balance.
  5. Prohibited Modifications: Mods that automate player actions or control gameplay are not allowed.
  6. Resolving Disputes: If you have a disagreement with another player or feel uncomfortable with their actions, please contact a staff member for assistance.
  7. English in Public Chat: Please use English in public chat for effective communication.
  8. Respect and Harassment: Harassing staff members or players and impersonating others is not permitted.
  9. No Advertising: Promoting other servers in public and private chat is against the rules.
  10. Account Security: Never share your account information with anyone for your own safety.
  11. Inappropriate Content: Using inappropriate language or creating offensive content is prohibited.
  12. No Threats or Doxing: Any form of threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.
  13. Inappropriate Links: Do not share links that are deemed inappropriate or malicious.
  14. Respect and Discrimination: Profanity, racism, and discrimination are not tolerated.
  15. No Spoilers: Refrain from sharing spoilers in public chat to preserve the gaming experience for others.
  16. Civil and Appropriate Chat: Keep the chat civil and appropriate for all players.
  17. Misleading Messages: Avoid saying things meant to confuse or mislead other players.
  18. Respectful Conduct: Be courteous and avoid arguing with other players in a hostile manner.
  19. No Filter Bypass: Bypassing filtered words is prohibited.
  20. No Serious Threats: Making serious threats towards other players is strictly against the rules.
  21. No Exploiting Bugs: Abusing server bugs or glitches for unfair advantages is prohibited.
  22. No Alternate Accounts: Using alternate accounts to bypass bans is not allowed.
  23. No Automated Programs: The use of automated programs or scripts is strictly prohibited.
  24. No Irrelevant Advertising: Refrain from advertising anything unrelated to the server.
  25. Honesty with Staff: Do not provide false information to staff members.
  26. No Spam Commands: Avoid spamming commands that negatively affect other players or server performance.
  27. No Out-of-Game Items: Using items not typically obtainable in-game on other servers is against the rules.
  28. No Illegal Activity: Any form of illegal activity is strictly prohibited on the server.
  29. No Item Theft: Stealing items from other players is not allowed.
  30. No Teleport Trapping: Teleport trapping is prohibited.
  31. Cobblestone Monsters: Creating large cobblestone structures is not permitted.
  32. Manual Clicks: All clicks must be done manually without rebinding.
  33. No Begging for Mod Status: Do not repeatedly ask or beg for moderator status.
  34. No Encouraging Rule Violations: Avoid encouraging other players to break the rules.
  35. Reporting Violations: If you witness a player breaking a rule, please report it to a staff member.
  36. Caps Lock Usage: Excessive use of Caps Lock in the chat is not allowed.
  37. Respect for the Server and Players: Avoid criticizing the server or other players.
  38. No Unwanted Lava or Water: Do not place unwanted lava or water around the map.
  39. No Item Begging: Refrain from repeatedly asking or begging for items or weapons.
  40. Respect and Politeness: Show respect and politeness to fellow players.